In simple terms, Tranquillis is a medical treatment to combat Tinnitus. Made by medical librarian, Howard Briggs, he sought to rid himself of the crippling effects of Tinnitus that is undermining his normal life.

Working together with Edgar Lambert from a society of individuals with high IQs, they were able to create a remedy to rid of Tinnitus from sufferers with natural ingredients with healing properties when there were no effective cures from other treatments and medicines.

How it Works

Since Tinnitus was discovered as a condition within the brain, Tranquillis goes at the afflicted neural networks and relieves the passages that disrupt the flow to make the brain function well again, if not better. This effect takes effect fast with desirable results, making the perceived noises be brought down until fully eliminated, bringing relief to the afflicted.

Alongside relieving the afflicted from the excruciating sounds, Tranquillis has additional benefits of reducing chronic disorders such as dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Add to this, it helps boosts memory functions and strengthening the brain and its networks.

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Who discovered it?

The brainchild of Tranquillis, Howard Briggs, is a devoted medical librarian with experience of three decades. He came up with the simple ingredients for combating the effects of Tinnitus after he himself has been afflicted with it. After living with this ailment for so long, unable to have proper treatments from various doctors, even at one point thought of ending his life to be free from this torment without end or cure, he found a medical solution that is not that known to doctors and pharmacies and the general public.

He works in collaboration with Dr Edgar Lambert to uncover facts and formulate the ingredients to make it possible for this remedy to be a simple consumption, be available to the public and be distributed across the country and the world. Both do this not for profit, but to fulfill the desire to aid those who are distressed by these annoying to agonizing perceived sounds made from the problems in the brain passages.


Listed here are the secret ingredients that have been proven as potent to combat the irritating to excruciating effects of Tinnitus as well as against other disorders on the brain. Lab test results has shown these procedures and mixes are guaranteed to deal with this ailment and to silence the noise for good.

The first is the hawthorn berries and hibiscus combination to begin decreasing the noise, calming the brain nerves. Next would be olive leaves: the extract from these strengthens and sustains the pathways of the neural nerves.

Following this, niacin or B3 repairs any damaged neural nerves and improves on it, giving a better brain performance. Add garlic extracts which helps improving memory, thus is effective in fighting off disorders such as dementia.

Then Vitamins B6 and B12 strengthens the brain nerves while the buchu leave extracts boosts the brain nerve pathways, making them stronger. Lastly are the combined mixes of green tea, uva ursi and juniper leaves cleans the brain of any toxins and protects it from having any more toxins.


The end result brought by this product has been pleasing. Made from tested natural ingredients, it gives numerous health and neural benefits that anyone can take with simple ease for consumption without the need for prescription.

The effect is quite fast and guarantees to permanently rid the aggravating sounds within, along with its being able to calm the affected nerves. Another benefit is that it enhances memory and focus, heals, strengthens and shields the brain nerves and functions. It’s very useful in fighting against disorders such as dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, potentially others that affects the brain.


The only known disadvantage of Tranquillis is that the time for the effects to kick in depends on the individual. There may be some side effects when consuming in large doses or waiting for the effects.

Despite these, it has been guaranteed that it will take effect fast. As of now, there have been no reports of any discomfort brought by Tranquillis and results have been satisfactory.

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Side Effects

As previously mentioned, there have been no reports of negative effects brought by Tranquillis. The only known possible side effects would be mild stomach aches or mild headaches or nausea, but nothing serious.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Any precautions to take in using Tranquillis?

The only precaution would be to take medical professionals’ advice as well as following the procedure to take Tranquillis. Take the appropriate in-takes as what’s instructed.

How do I use Tranquillis effectively?

It’s taken as a simple pill dosage. One usually takes two pills a day.

How soon will I see obvious results?

This depends on the individual as the time to take effect varies from person to person. Still it guarantees a recovery from those afflicted with the ailment.

Can I buy Tranquillis from Walmart or Amason?

It isn’t available on places like Amazon, Walmart of other pharmacies yet, but there are plans to distribute and sell it there. As of now, you can place your order on their website,
and purchase it online.

How do I ask for a refund?

It states that it guarantees to work or your money back. So yes, if for some reason it doesn’t work, you will get a refund.

Tranquillis Review CONCLUSION

For those afflicted with Tinnitus and there’s no other effective solution to this, Tranquillis proves that it is the most effective and final solution to the problem that’s been plaguing these people, bringing relief to them. The reviews and feedbacks of this have been mainly positive with no negative reports to date.

Taking Tranquillis saves people not only from disorders in the brain and bring fast relief to them, but also from more costly treatments from doctors with no knowledge to permanently remedy this or it only and from surgeries. It is all a simple medicine taking at your home and it guarantees recovery and relief.

This also has the additional aid of fighting and guarding against brain-related issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s from developing. With these benefits in one package, with all the favorable reviews it has been receiving, it’ll be worth the purchase.